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Control of Horses Act

Illegal Grazing (‘Fly’ Grazing) is recognised as a serious and expensive nuisance to those affected.

  1. The first line of defense is self-defense. Where possible, install chains and padlocks on field gates (at both ends to prevent them being lifted off.) Damage to locks and chains counts as criminal damage, and will deter most casual fly-grazing.
  2. The Control of Horses Act 2015 allows landowners to remove horses that are left on their land immediately, and take them to a place of safety.
  3. They must notify the local police within 24 hours of doing so, and if the owners of the animals can be identified they must also notify them. Use the NOTICE TEMPLATE attached.
  4. If no owner can be identified and the horses removed within four working days, the landowners become the legal owners of the horses, and may then decide what to do with them.
  5. If the owner comes forward within 4 days (96 hours) the horses must be released, SUBJECT TO PAYMENT OF LANDOWNERS EXPENSE AND DAMAGES.
  6. If not paid, the landowner becomes the owner of the horses.
  7. If the horses are not claimed or the damages are not paid within 4 days, landowners will be able to re-home the horses by giving them away or selling them privately. As a last resort, they will also be able to have the animals humanely euthanised.
  8. The Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and their Hybrids required that horses should be checked at least once every day. A horse which is clearly identifiable – through a microchip and perhaps also a visible mark such as a freeze mark – can be traced back to the owner and returned quickly.
  9. If you detain a horse, you are responsible for its welfare.
  10. Stray horses may be found wandering on roads; any horse found on a road should be reported to the Police and/or your Local Authority. If you feel there is an immediate danger to road users call 999. In non-emergency instances call 101.
  11. Cumbria Police will respond to complaints of fly grazing. There may be a delay in answering 101 calls, which can be frustrating. This an exceptionally busy time for Police, but all calls will be answered.

Below is a link to a sign you may wish to display on your gates to warn potential offenders of your intention to exercise your rights under the Control of Horses Act. Also find a template of the sign you will need to display if you do find horses on your land and take formal possession of them.

ControlofHorsesAct-2015 (2)

WARNING – Fly Grazing-1

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106 Bus Partnership

In November 2014 the 106 bus service was suddenly and unexpectedly withdrawn.  Since that time a dedicated group of volunteers have been working to get the bus back on the road and keep it running.  The community led service was launched in February 2015, running for just three days per week.  This service has required subsidy which has been provided by the Parishes it serves along with a contribution from Eden Housing Association and Shap Wells Hotel.

In 2016 the 106 Partnership have listened to the service users and have decided to commission the bus for five days per week.  The new service will begin on the 1st February 2016.  Bus users also asked for longer in Penrith so the timetable for the return service from Penrith will now be running half an hour later.

Please follow this link to the new timetable 106 Kendal – Grayrigg – Tebay – Orton – Shap – Lowther -Clifton – Penrith [1 February 2016] – Microsoft Publisher


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Get Us To School Campaign

getustoschool logoIn the UK it is now compulsory for young people to remain in education or training until they are 18 years old yet the statutory requirement to provide transport for young people to get to school or college is only in place until the age of 16 years old.  Many families, especially those in rural areas are faced with the reality that young people have to go to school or college but there is no way of getting them there.

Some families are able to purchase a seat on the school bus, if there is space available but there is no requirement for a service to be commissioned if there is no space.  Many families are being faced with a bill in excess of £1000 per year per child in order to conform to a statutory requirement.  Some are not able to conform as there is no service available for their children to get to their place of training or education.

In 2011 the Parliamentary Education Select Committee undertook a review of the Government’s proposal to raise the participation age. In its report the committee raised concerns about the provision of transport for older children.  It its response to that point the Government said it would review the issue nearer to the implementation of the policy.  That review has never formally taken place and now rural families are being deeply disadvantaged by the new policy.

Get Us To School is calling on the Government to undertake that review as a matter or urgency.  Please join the campaign by downloading the campaign petition and asking your friends to add their name.  A copy of the petition can be downloaded from here Home to School Transport Petition – August 2015

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Windermere by-election

IMG_2083Last week I visited a friend in Windermere and was utterly shocked when I read a campaign leaflet for the local by-election declaring that the previous Councillor from the same party had ‘stopped the county council for charging for on-street parking in the center of Windermere’. I was sat in the council chamber with Councillor Stephenson in February when he led his group to CARRY the vote to implement on-street parking charges across the whole of Cumbria.
The leaflet then goes on to claim that the Member of Parliament for Windermere has ‘saved Westmorland General’. As the County Councillor for Kirkby Stephen and the shadow portfolio holder for public health I’ve searched for evidence to substantiate the allegation that Westmorland General Hospital has been under threat. Neither the CCG or NHS England have been able to provide me with any evidence of such nature. Westmorland General Hospital is the best hospital in our County; it’s a vital facility for our community that’s well love, well used and is not under threat. It’s time people stopped playing politics with our services. Wake up Windermere – you’re being spun a line!

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240 year old petition discovered

Rdale 1770 petition with Libby 2When the residents of Fell End, near Ravenstonedale launched an e-petition to the Secretary of State for the Environment against a proposal by Natural England to erect a fence on Greenriggs Common they were unaware that they were following in the exact same footsteps of their forefathers  240 years previously.

Since the launch of the e-petition the existence of the historic petition, which is not dated but is considered to be around 1770, has been brought to light.   Written on parchment, the ancient document is addressed to the House of Lords and signed by 91 landowners from the Parish of Ravenstonedale against a proposal to enclose common land.

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Fell End Broadband – phase one

Our civil engineering partners, TS Trenching are making good progress with phase one, the installation of the ducting is on phase one is on target for completion by Christmas, the technical work will take a little longer and the launch of phase one (15 homes) is expected sometime in January.

Below are a few photos taken over the past two weeks.

Dec 17th road crossing at Tarn House

Road Crossing outside Tarn

Dec 14th digging field able Ash Fell Cottages

Dec 17th at Tarn road crossing a Dec 17th box at Tarn House

dec 17th digging in box at Tarn


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Fell End Broadband Project Delivery – Day 1

Today Fell End Broadband started to install the ducting to carry fiber optic cables to take superfast broadband to 58 deeply rural properties.

Below are a few pictures from today.  The first part was easy digging and the mole plough navigated a worrying rocky outcrop with ease.  Fortunately Tony shared my concerns about the area and did some tests yesterday to seek the best route trough.

The challenges came later in the day on the fell track , this was  initially considered to be less of a challenge but has yielded a number of large rocks!

A huge thank you to everybody who has helped to make this happen.  There is still a long way to go but it feels now like we are on the way.

Day 1 start of the network

Day 1 Tonys stone 1

Day 1 digger & real

day 1 backfilling

Day 1 mini digger

Day 1 route

RDPE logoPrint

Please find below a copy of Natural England’s application to the Planning Inspectorate to erect a fence around Fell End Clouds

The Clouds section_38_application_Aug 13

S38 appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3 Purpose and Benefits

Case for Works 23rd Sep 13

Any objections or representations should be sent in writing ON or BEFORE the 8th November 2013 to The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/25, Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN or via email to

If you would like to sign the e-petition against this application please go to

Fell End Clouds

My daughter and her friends enjoying Fell End Clouds, like I did as a child. This won’t be possible any longer if cattle are to roam free.

Councillor Libby BatemanCumbria County Councillor for Kirkby Stephen division, Libby Bateman, is urging residents to attend a public meeting in Appleby on the 1st July to give their comments about the Appleby Horse Fair to the Multi Agency Strategic Coordinating Group (MASCG).


Commenting, Cllr Bateman said, “I attend a MASCG meeting in Appleby on the morning of Saturday 8th June, when the fair was in full swing.  I was really impressed with the professional coordination in Appleby, yet the week before, Kirkby Stephen had been overwhelmed by travellers with very little evidence of the support afforded to Appleby.

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Cautly road closure - Libby Bateman 1On Monday 17th June a forty meter stretch of the A683 will be closed to all traffic for up to 14 weeks to allow for essential maintenance work to be carried out on the banking below the highway.

The road that travels the length of the picturesque valley of Cautley between Ravenstonedale and Sedbergh, is suffering from major subsidence of the banking that leads down to the river Rawthey on it’s western side.

Libby said, “ The closure of this road during the height of the summer is an absolute disaster for local residents and businesses, people need to get to their place of work, children need to get to school, farmers need to tend their stock and harvest their crop and tourism businesses will lose passing trade.  Yet this work must be done.  The banking down to the river is in a dangerous state and if the work does not go ahead then the road could collapse entirely which would leave it impassable for much longer.

“I have met with officers from Cumbria Highways and the representatives of the contractor at the closure site today to discuss ways that the duration of the closure can be reduced to minimise the effect on road users.   Once the work begins on the banking then the entire road will be at greater risk of collapsing, particularly if we have heavy rain fall.

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